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  • Emergencies

    A 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service is always available. If phoning outside normal clinic hours just phone our normal number 544 2604. If a vet is at the clinic you will be advised as to the best course of action otherwise an answer phone service will refer you to a duty vet.

  • Consultations & Health Checks

    It is important to have your pet checked regularly to ensure he or she is in top condition. Many diseases or problems can be prevented and/or treated early by having an annual health check.


    Remember that a single year of a cat or dog's life equates to 7 humans years in terms of aging and disease onset therefore waiting 2 years between vet visits is equivalent to 14 years without seeing a doctor.

  • Vaccinations

    Regular vaccination of your dog or cat helps prevent several diseases (some of which are fatal). Rabbits can also be vaccinated against the fatal calici virus


    Just like humans, cats and dogs need protection from certain infections. The majority of us are vaccinated against serious infectious diseases, so it’s only fair to vaccinate our pets as well. Vaccination is a very economical way to protect your pet against disease, and it also helps to control the spread of diseases in the animal community.

  • Microchipping

  • Family Planning, Neuters & Speys

    There are a lot of advantages to desexing your pets, whether they are males or females, or whether they are cats, dogs, or rabbits.

  • Medical

    With our well equipped clinic and access to reliable laboratories we  can  diagnose and treat most medical conditions. In the event your pet requires specialist care we are happy to refer you both to the appropriate specialist.

  • Surgical

    The surgery is well equipped to handle complex operations as well as routine procedures.


    However, if we feel that your pet will benefit from more specialised care then we will not

    hesitate to refer you on to a specialist in the appropriate field.

  • Dental

    By the time they reach the age of two, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of

    dental disease.


    A build-up of plaque may lead to gingivitis or periodontal disease which can infect teeth and bones, causing harmful bacteria to travel via the bloodstream to other organs such as the heart or kidneys. If you are unsure of the dental health of your pet maybe it’s time for a check-up, especially seeing as healthy teeth and gums equals a healthy heart and body.

  • Radiology

    We have x-ray facilities in the clinic for on the spot radiography. This enables us to check for many diseases and conditions quickly and allows on site diagnoses.


  • Puppy Preschool

    So you’ve picked up the newest member of your family? Puppies are a lot of fun. They add quality to family life and provide 10-15 years of love, loyalty and friendship. However, left to their own devices may well result in mishaps, mayhem and mischief leading to a lifetime of frustration, destruction and possibly neighbourly friction.


    So how do you give your puppy the best start? Set boundaries, reward confident relaxed behaviour, and ignore attention seeking behaviours.


    We run Puppy preschools which provide socialisation, beginners’ obedience and behavioural training basics for puppies aged 7 to 14 weeks.

  • Cat Grooming

    Knots, matted hair, biddy-bids, conifer leaves, and dags are all enemies of your cats coat; however, explaining this to your cat is somewhat difficult. Many cats won’t let their owners near them with a brush, adding to the problem.  And then there’s dear Fluffy who used to keep her coat in pristine condition but now couldn't appear to care less


    Some cats just need a little help getting their coats back in order they they can start to take care of them again.  Other cats may need regular grooms.  No matter your needs, we are here to help.  Give us a call on 544 2604 to discuss your grooming needs.

  • Nutritional Advice

    We stock a range of food and nutriceuticals (supplements) and give advice to cater for the different stages of a pet’s life. From young active puppy or kitten through to ageing seniors. Prescription foods available from the clinic help to prevent and cope with different disease conditions such as arthritis, kidney failure, bladder problems and weight control.

    Hills Science Diet Welcome Bay Vet Clinic Tauranga Vet
  • Waist Watchers

    Around 50% of dogs and cats are overweight to some degree. An overweight pet is at increased risk of many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, skin disease, breathing difficulties and arthritis. These can contribute to a shortened and diminished life.


    Here at the Welcome Bay Vet Clinic we have our very own Waist Watchers club where we can share success stories and overweight pets can gain a little incentive.

  • Worming Advice & Products

    Worms (gut parasites) are never a nice problem for our pets or even for us humans.  Fortunately we are here to help, with a range of worm treatments for cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes.


    If you have any questions or queries about worming or worm products, our nurses will be happy to help.


    In general is it recommended that pups and kittens be wormed every 2-3 weeks until they are 12 weeks of age (puppies from as young as 2 weeks of age and kittens from 4 weeks of ).  Once they reach 12 weeks of age they should be wormed every 3 months.


    Adult cats and dogs should be wormed every 3 months.

  • Flea Advice & Products

    Tauranga weather is great for fleas all year round.  Unfortunately for us, this means that fleas are something that all Tauranga pets, pet owners, and vets struggle with.


    We are here to help get on top of these flea issues before they become full blown flea infestations.  We stock a range of flea products and, more importantly, we can offer advise on how to deal with fleas when you've got a problem.


    Fleas are one of the many instances where prevention is definitely better than a cure.

  • Petware & Accessories

    We stock a variety of petware and accessories including:


                             - Collars & Leads

                             - Name Tags

                             - Cat & Dog Toys

                             - Cat & Dog Treats

                             - Shampoos & Conditions

                             - Grooming & Nail Care Accessories

                             - Sureflap Cat Flaps & Pet Doors

                             - Cat Carry Cages & Boxes


    If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, then we will be happy to order it in or help you look for it

    Welcome Bay Vet Clinic Tauranga Vet pet carry box
    Welcome Bay Vet Clinic Tauranga vet pet cat cage
  • Pet Health Insurance

    Health insurance for pets is certainly a worthwhile consideration, giving you peace of mind for that unexpected accident or illness.


    There are a few factors to consider when looking into pet insurance as there are different levels of cover, and each insurance plan may cover different conditions.

  • Saying Goodbye - Euthanasia & Cremation Services

    When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet we can help you through this difficult time and also coordinate cremation services if you wish.

  • House Calls

    The clinic is the best place to have your pet examined because we have all the equipment, medicines and experienced nurses on hand. Occasionally the need may arise for a house visit – for example, pets who would like to end their days at home. If you live nearby, we can often oblige. There is an extra charge for this service and we do need some flexibility with the time. Please contact the clinic on 544 2604 for further details.

  • VetCare Finance

    If payment is an issue then we are partnered with

    VetCare Finance

     who are able to offer financial assistance when you need it to cover any unexpected vet bills.  They will help you work out an affordable payment plan.  For more information

    visit their website



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