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Pet Health Insurance

Health Insurance for pets is certainly worthwhile consideration, giving you peace of mind for that unexpected accident or illness.


There are 3 companies providing health cover for cats & dogs:





We recommend that you look into each of the companies and what they offer.  There are different levels of cover provided by each company.


Pet-n-Sur and Southern Cross Pet Insurance are both 100% owned and managed.


Factors to consider are:

Annual Premium


Excess payable on each claim


Maximum payout


Exclusions (some conditions may not be covered)


Limits on certain conditions (some specific conditions may have payout limits that re lower than the annual maximum cover)


Whether cover is provided in subsequent years for ongoing conditions


Age at which insurance will first be covered

Please feel free to ask us about Pet Insurance at your next visit.


Pet-n-Sur have a 30 day free cover offer.  Southern Cross Pet Insurance have a 6 week free cover offer for pets between 6 and 16 weeks of age.